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As a specialized web browser designed to work both online and offline, Kiosk Pro can display web pages, documents or audio & video files as a streamlined kiosk, ready for the public. This Pro version builds on the functionality included in our popular Kiosk Pro Lite app, adding offline access to locallystored content, remote update of app settings, the ability to set custom links in the bottom navigation bar, and printing to AirPrint. Support is built right into our apps with documentation of every feature and direct access to our extensive Knowledge Base at any time, 247. Attract visitors Set an idle timer so that when a visitor walks away, the next person will have a fresh experience, starting right at the beginning. Increase visitor turnover at your kiosk by setting a browsing time limit. Limit where visitors can go Define what’s off limits on the web with a list of allowed and restricted domains. Block access to other apps, including the native email or phone, that could otherwise be opened through links. Control what's displayed Hide status and address bars to make your content look like a native app. Customize the navigation with your own color scheme and bookmarked links. Works in any language add your own translated text for onscreen alerts and navigation. No Internet? Not a problem. Kiosk Pro supports storing content locally for offline viewing. Shift between online and offline content automatically if your device drops its Internet connection. Update remotely No need to be in the same place as your kiosk to update your settings. You can update by uploading settings onto your own servers. Keep tabs on your kiosks Set up email alerts for power loss and/or remote updates. Unlock advanced functions with our JavaScript Save visitor form data locally on the device and collect signatures. Access current device orientation data to optimize how your content is displayed. Kiosk Pro is compatible with most webfriendly media, including web pages, PDFs, multimedia (including .mp4 video) and certain Powerpoint, Keynote, and Word files (all of which are shown as documents, not slideshows). Kiosk Pro cannot display multiple tabs or popups, other apps, or Flashbased content. To prevent your visitors from exiting Kiosk Pro, Apple's Guided Access mode must be enabled. Used in conjunction with this app, our professional kiosk enclosures secure your iPad from theft or damage. See for more details!



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