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If you are serious about karting, you need this app. This is not your typical "Try to do everything app". This app does one thing, and does it very well. It's all about the speed. KartSpeed optimizes your performance on the track by providing insight to your speeds with all your configuration options. First You enter your stuff. The app ships empty, you need to install your own parts before it can do it's magic. Enter all your sprockets, they just need to be between 5 and 99 teeth. Then tires, name 'em and size them up. Once you have told the app what you have the Speed page reveals every possible combination with your equipment. Speeds are sorted from fastest to slowest (in either or Change the and see how this affects speeds at various gears. Much better than using charts or other calculators. And we've also included a notes section, so if have some race notes you can keep them in one safe place.

Website: http://ussapps.squarespace.com/


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