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Kairon is an astrology calculation software for highest precision calculations. Kairon will not do any interpretations for you, nor will it teach you astrology. Kairon has a lot of settings to add the features you find below. These settings are accessed by means of your iPhones global settings where you will find a "Kairon" item after Kairon has been launched for the first time. Features ACSAtlas more than 230.000 locations worldwide automatically adjusts for daylight savings and local time. 16 house systems 9 Anayamsas 21 Aspects Kairon contains the Ephemeris data for Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto true and mean Nodes. Additionally you have the following Asteroids and Objects built in True and Mean Lilith Chiron Pholus Nessus Lilith (Asteroid) Ceres Pallas Juno Vesta Isis Quaoar Sedna Vulcan Part of Fortune Part of Spirit Vertex. You can cast your charts from the years 1200 2399 for all the above objects, SunPluto along with the Nodes and Liliths, Quaoar, Sedna and Vulcan from 02399. There are two Zodiacs, one with twelve equal signs, the other with those twelve equal signs surrounded by 13 differently sized signs which reflects the actual sky at night. Retograde objects are drawn in a separate color. The chartwheel and the aspectgrid can be scaled with two fingers. You can choke down the orb of your aspects in realtime using a slider. The following Methods are implemented Synastry Composite Combine Solar Lunar Transits Progressions. In textView you get exact planet and house positions to one second of arc. Standard Charts are appended with a Firdaria Listing in Text Mode.

Website: http://kairon.cc/iKairon


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