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is your portable Japanese tutor. Great for pros or students of the language, this powerful tool contains accurate JapaneseEnglish kanji and word dictionaries, incredible search capabilities and an easy to use interface. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this pp. Learning Japanese can be a complicated yet exciting course of study. That’s why it’s so important to have access to accurate, reliable help. You need a source of extensive kanji information and definition, including structure and meaning. table of radicals is essential and you could use as many clarifying crossreferences as you can get your hands on. can provide you with all the resources you need for learning, researching or translating Japanese kanji. With 5300 kanji listings, you’ll find what you’re looking for and fast, thanks to the app’s awesome search capabilities. Lookups are element based, using the original system of 632 basic visual elements. No need to count strokes, ’s radicalbased dictionary does the work for you. The table of radicals allows you to fully specify any kanji. There’s lots of dictionary help in dvanced. In fact the whole app is one enormous, thorough and accurately compiled dictionary. It amalgamates the best of JapaneseEnglish lexicography and introduces unique features found in no other dictionary of its kind. For example, dvanced does double duty with characters and phonics. It only takes seconds to find compound words by their kanji structure, reading or meaning. Each kanji in every window is a clickable link to its dictionary entry, where you’ll find lots of crossreferences for kanji forms, variants and synonyms. dvanced Features Suitable for beginners or professionals Fast kanji search by elements (up to 4) by reading (optionally with wildcards) by meaning (optionally with wildcards) by stroke count Compound word search by kanji (up to 4) by reading by meaning Internal hyperlinks Kanji, kana, and word drill Store custom groups of favorite kanji or words Download preset study groups Interactive kanji decomposition Individual radical information nimated stroke order diagrams 5100 kanji listed Easy to use interface offers full flexibility is perfect for both the beginner and the professional. It’s multifunctional and universal, ideal for learning, quick reference, translation or research. If you’re involved with the beautiful Chinese characters used in Japanese, known as kanji, you are not going to want to wait one more second before downloading this comprehensive app. It’s the only one you’ll ever need or want. Free Concise edition (1006 kanji) and discounted Plus edition (2136 kanji) are also available.

Website: http://www.jishop.com/iphone/


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