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iVolleyStats™ is a complete volleyball statistics application right on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. See our other products (iVolleyStats Match) for a more complete package, ie more than 1 game. IVolleyStats™ is a very simple to use, comprehensive statistics gathering tool. Simply touch the player, then the action. For obvious player action, you don't even need to touch the player, for example the stat is automatically associated with the current server. iVolleyStats™ is perfect for anyone interested in the real performance on the court Rotation Strength tracking, points for and against in each rotation. Serve to Serve Receive ratio. Have the critical numbers at your fingertips. Rotation Strength tracking. See what rotation is working for you and what isn't. Hitter Efficiency. Find out who is more consistent, more dynamic. Side Out Efficiency. Which rotation do you need to adjust? Complete individual statistics. Great for reporting to the media and for coaching decisions. Important contact quality statistics. Passing/Serving/Attacking are rated from 03 to provide a real performance indication. Much much more... In the Team Stats tab you can view a complete break down of how your athletes are performing. You can even email (internet access required) your report and MaxPreps upload file. The csv files can be easily imported to Excel for further statistical analysis. Compatible with all iOS devices. Internet Access required to be able to email your statistics.

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