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The realtime language translation by simply speaking into your iPhone! Now instantly speak 30+ languages! This app is a new kind of handy translation tool. It will translate your words into another language to voice. With this app you imagine talking into your phone in one language and immediately hearing yourself in another language. Just speak to it in your language, it will instantly tell you the words in another language. If you are going to travel abroad, do not forget to pack up this app into your iPhone. The Features of this app ♦It is easily operation and it has an elegant design ♦It allows you to translate your words into 30+ languages. Tap and hold the left mic button for 2 seconds to change your language, hold the right mic button to select the target language. ♦It has an instantly reaction. Just tap the left mic, tell it your words, and it will instantly speak to you the language you want. ♦It allows you to edit.You can edit the words you just speak by holding on it. Then the edited words will be sent into the conversation list and you will get a new translation meanwhile. ♦It can speak history translation. Hold a history translation, then tap Speak, it speaks the words. ♦It allows you to copy Words. Hold a translation, then tap Copy, it allows you to paste into a message or mail. ♦It is a necessity for you if you are going to learn a new language, travel abroad or talk with a foreigner.


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