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From the developer of iLoader(the best Facebook batch uploader) brings the and Facebook video downloader in the App Store Note if you get a "Video Playback Not Supported" message, tap on the 'Action' and then 'Watch Video', the video should play normally. Are you tired of seeing "Video Playback Not Supported" when you click on a Facebook video thumbnail? Do you want to download all your favorite videos for offline viewing? Then FaceVideo will be your new best friend! 1, 2… Play! Watching and downloading videos on your iPhone/iPod has never been easier. Here’s all you need to do 1. Navigate to video 2. Click on video icon 3. Watch/Download! What? Were you expecting more? ✓ Browse full version of Facebook.com ✓ Watch videos ✓ Bookmark videos ✓ Download videos for offline viewing ✓ Save downloaded videos to Album ✓ Share videos on Twitter ✓ Share videos via email ✓ Watch videos posted on Facebook via YouTube right from your FaceVideo app instead of exiting and launching the YouTube app like Safari Please contact us if you have any problems. We also love and appreciate suggestions. Email us at support@tektrify.com tektrify.com twitter.com/tektrify facebook.com/tektrify Facebook does not endorse, sponsor, or affiliated with tektrify, in any way.

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