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iVedic Numerology brings the essence of Vedic Numerology in an iPad app that is clear, precise and superbly designed. iVedic Numerology , in its second generation, gives you 4 personal readings, a daily reading and a yearly outlook by interpreting both your date of birth and your full name. long with the 6 readings there's more favorable dates, crystals, colors governing celestials, associated deities and mantras, extensive help make iVedic one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated (and entertaining) numerology app for the iPad. Key features Support for six profiles of date of births and names with a quick view option to keep your numerology and your friends, family or partners numerology at your fingertips. Four personal readings including your Name number, Psychic number, Soul number and Life Path number. ll these readings include governing celestial, mantra and your personal reading. Daily number with reading that shows you the energy of the day as per your numerology and the day's number. Yearly outlook reading for each profile that provides a personalized reading based on your numerology about the current year's gifts and challenges. bility to share your reading via Email or Text message. Each number includes other properties of the number like associated color, crystal, favorable dates and much more. Each number reading includes a governing celestial and its associated deity and mantra. Entertain yourself and others by comparing your numerology with historical persons, celebrities and other important figures all you need is a name and a date of birth. Comprehensive help and support to make iVedic the best app in Vedic numerology for your iPad. Let the Numbers be your guide (as well).

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