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The Truck Tourmanager Europe is an app for professional drivers. This app informs you about actual truck traffic regulations in all european countries, such as general country information (language, currency and travel documents necessary for entry) emergency phone numbers for police, fire brigade and rescue service international and local breakdown services truck speed limits of countries maximum axial loads, total masses and dimensions for the various vehicles special traffic regulations of countries in particular for the transport of dangerous goods truck driving bans categorized tunnel of countries with tunnel categories and applicable provisions for the passage alcohol limits An extention for the special needs of hazardous goods drivers is the logbook Important provisions for the carriage of dangerous goods are provided in the form of infographics and reference tables, such as full numerical dangerous goods list (table with search function for UNnumber, substance or class class, classification code, packing group, tunnel category, transport category, special provision (3.3 ), danger labels, marking of warning sign, packing instructions, special packing provisions, mixed packing provisions, instruction und special provisions for portable tanks and bulk container, tank code, tank special provisions, vehicle for tank, provisions for bulk, packages, loading, unloading and handling, operation, simplifications and exemptions, need of security plans, route determination for particularly hazardous goods for each substance 1000pointscalculator for one or more substances with infographic for the use of table infographic for prohibition of mixed loading of dangerous goods safety instructions for the passage of tunnels and the use of tunnel regulations in driverschedule for inspection dates of vehicle, equipments, trainings ... instructions in writing in English predeparture check with check lists for the general vehicle check and transports of dangerous goods with documentation Your benefits fast and safe availability of all necessary, countryspecific traffic informations for trucks and valid dangerous goods regulations on the iPhone. The flood of paperwork in your driver’s cab is noticeably reduced and you save a lot of time by extended searching in your documents You arrive your destination faster, because you are well prepared for potentially drivings bans, restrictions of tunnel passages and other traffic obstructions and can better plan your tour. You save trouble with the police and expensive fines due to ignored traffic regulations of countries complex legal provisions have been simplified and reduced to the essential The compressed collection of information for possible emergencies help you, to keep a cool head in critical situations No internet connection required suitable for iPhone 4, 5 and operating system iOS 7.1.1


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