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iSpineCare is an information resource for spine anatomy, function and disease. t is a presentation library of anatomical visualizations, spine pathologies, medical images and educational notes. Whilst this app is primarily for clinicians providing patient education, it can also be useful to anyone who wants to know more about spine health. "…you have done a great job… This app can be recommended without hesitation and is certainly a good investment for all professionals and nonprofessionals." Eippa77 Germany "This is the greatest app ever!.. show it to patients and within a minute they completely understand what we are doing and why…" Dr. Tim Gallagher use this every day in the clinic This is a time saver. Patients understand... are reassured and compliance is increased with little to no effort on my part. 've already convinced two colleagues to purchase this app…" ThumbVT "This is a wonderful app… We understand that patients need to be educated in many different ways from diagrams to models for them to truly understand their condition. iSpineCare with its animation just takes it to a new level. Our physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and doctors love using it, which in turn leads to greater patient satisfaction. Thanks guys for developing such an easy to use education tool." Physiotherapist "Brilliant! As a physiotherapist it provides my patients with a deeper understanding … the animations are brilliant … 6 Stars!" jla "Excellent anatomy tool. ncredible visualization tool." Miaomiao2 "Excellent teaching tool! am a rheumatologist… …They get it once they see it. Makes my job so much easier." Rheumatologist "Great for patients. … love this program…" Georgia Pain Doc "…very useful for any professional involved in spine care. The animations are first class and importantly anatomically accurate. am a spine surgeon … very useful application for physical therapists, physiatrists, pain physicians and spine surgeons." renodoc "…mpressive!" ! "Highly informative, beautifully illustrated and accurate." Spine surgeon Egypt "Great medical app Great visuals to teach patients about their condition. They love it." Docscott999 "Great teaching and treatment resource. As a radiologist this is a great resource." Radiologist5555 "Great app! have had this app for 4 days and have already used it twenty times… Patients love it!" Bakdoc1980 iSpineCare provides accurate spine anatomy and pathology information. Animations, images and educational notes show how disc herniation leads to spinal stenosis or nerve root radiculopathy why nerve root impingement causes limb pain how facet joint pain can be stopped with a medial branch nerve block how pelvic muscle contraction lifts the pelvic floor sling and much more Anatomy vertebra, discs, facet joints, nerves, dermatomes Movement flexionextension, lateral flexion, rotation, degenerative restrictions, correct posture Muscles deep neck flexors, gluteus medius, iliopsoas, levator scapulae, multifidus, scalenes, sternoceidomastoid, transversus abdominis, trapezius, rhomboids, quadratus lumborum and pelvic floor Pathology compression fracture, congenital spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, disc circumferential tear/protrusion/sequestration, facet joint syndrome, foraminal stenosis, rheumatoid facet joint spondylitis/AAS/SMO/SAS, spondylosis deformans, and lytic spondylolisthesis Conservative Care videos with audio that cover basic back care education principles lying, sitting, standing, lifting, shopping, gardening, physical activity, diet, smoking etc. Exercise videos and images This is the first app in a complement of spine apps which includes iSpineCare, iSpineOperations and iSpinePainManagement.



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