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Irish Flute is an authentic sounding wooden flute in the key of for the iPad. The fingerings are based on those used for the real instrument and will also be immediately familiar to Irish tin whistle and flute players. The sounds are from high quality pernote recordings of my 1857 British Metzler wooden flute. How to Play IMPORTANT Since this app requires as many as 8 fingers on the screen at the same time, before playing, disable "Multitasking Gestures" on your iPad (in the Settings app, under the General section, turn the Multitasking Gestures switch to the off position). To get started playing, first show the onscreen hole labels by touching the '?' icon at the lower right corner of the screen. Start by touching the top half of the flute starting with the tips of your left index, middle, and ring fingers on holes 6, 5, and 4. The holes light up when touched. Next touch the bottom half of the flute with the tips of your right index, middle, and ring fingers, on holes 3, 2, and 1. To play the second octave, touch the "Octave" bar next to the flute with your left little finger while using the same fingerings as the first octave. The purple "Semitone own" bar next to the bottom of the flute may be used to shift the pitch down one semitone for playing the notes Fnatural, G, , and Bb. Touch the "Stop" bar at the top of the screen with your left thumb to stop the sound while fingering a note. This can be used for repeated notes in the place of doing a cut or tap. Playing tip For the most fluid flow of the sound, when playing the note that use primarily the left hand you can anchor your right ring finger on hole 1. This is often done on the real instrument as well and allows for a smooth legato transition between the left hand notes with no breaks. Touch the 'i' icon at the lower left corner of the main screen to show/hide the vibrato control slider. Finger vibrato may be done with the middle finger of the right hand on many notes. The depth of vibrato is adjusted by the vibrato control slider. Looking for a traditional flute app that plays in multiple keys? My "Irish Flute Pro" app adds the ability to play in multiple keys, is fully tuneable, and has custom reverb effects controls.



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