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Want a slightly demented, hilarious way of keeping people away from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Well, you’ve got it with iPossessed. This app puts an army of protective demons, unearthly voices and maniacal moves at your fingertips, ready to do your bidding. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today! "iPossessed is going to keep those hands away from your iPhone because it's going to scare them to death." The Daily App Show Awsome! “Creepy!!!!!! The whispering chants are what got me.” 24 fan Your girlfriend is always using your phone to make calls. It isn’t that you don’t like her touching your stuff (okay, maybe it is) but let her use her own minutes. You’ll show her, you know how to solve this problem once and for all. Opening your new iPossessed application, you get to work setting up your trap. All of the spirits and demons look so good that it’s hard to choose just one. Finally, you make a decision, impressed with your own selection of pentagram and creepy ‘other worldly’ voices. With a last minute tap, you decide to let your girlfriend have it with both barrels as you tell iPossessed to start vibrating crazily at the prearranged time. Okay, enough already. You only want her to leave your phone alone, not dump you. You set the timer, put your iPhone in its usual spot then sit back to watch the fun. You can’t wait to share what happens with your Twitter friends! They’re going to love this as much as you are. iPossessed in the perfect app for scaring friends, family and well, anyone. Use it to summon your choice of terrifying demons and spine crawling spirit whispers to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. No one is going to bother your device again! The iPossessed developers have thought of everything for you. They’ve added a couple of sweet little touches that you’ll enjoy sharing with your prey. Draw them in with the chilling crying. Finish the job when they pick the phone up. If you have an iPhone, this means that you can preset the phone to start vibrating in a crazy, maniacal manner that will scare the pants off of anyone. It all takes them by surprise, you see. They’ll never see it coming. iPossessed Features Timer to delay the ritual up to 999 seconds 12 demonic and creepy sound effects 4 different pentagram colors to represent the various spirits and demons Mix and match the spirits and demons being summoned Pentagram flares up when spirits or demons speak Pentagram can be hidden to give a more innocent appearance Post to twitter to tell all your friends how many people you just scared "Cry Wolf" mode lets your device appear more innocent to lure someone into picking it up Vibration works on iPhones Go ahead and have some fun at other people’s expense. Download your own iPossessed now and start planning who you’ll scare.

Website: http://gregbeamanapps.com


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