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Quickly and easily judge and display scores for Kukkiwon / World Taekwondo Federation Poomsae with iPoomsae! Whether scoring tournaments or helping students with their training, iPoomsae will be a valuable assistant. BestPractices Scoring Uses the current (late 2011) official World Taekwondo Federation scoring rules Developed and Approved by Masters, World Taekwondo Federation International Referees, and National Poomsae Team members Quickly and accurately calculate scores and averages for single or multiple poomsae Distinct Accuracy, Presentation, and Reporting modes simplify scoring and prevent accidental touches WholeScreen score display allows easy reporting of current poomsae score and overall average "Lookless" design allows you to keep your eyes on the poomsae, not the application Ergonomic design eliminates wrist strain and increases accuracy. Easy to Use Colorcoded onscreen timer helps determine if poomsae ended too soon or ran too long. Record onscreen player's starting position so you do not need to remember it or record it elsewhere. Contextaware help system shows next steps based on where you are at that moment Can remember and average up to 8 poomsae for a single player Indicators verify accuracy deductions in realtime See at a glance how many major and minor accuracy deductions have been made Easily undo accuracy deductions Multiple Poomsae Support History bar shows previous poomsae scores and overall average Previous poomsae can be reported again, modified or even forgotten


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