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iPlaniShare Is The Easy To Navigate Everyday Digital Planner with included Sharing What makes us different from our competitors is our exclusive planning system which includes our unique Planning Drawer which allows you to quickly enter your ToDos, Project ToDos, or ppointments and then Drag and Drop them to any time on your daily schedule. Once you have dropped the ppointment or ToDo to a time you easily use two fingers to expand duration of the event! Simple to Create Categories and Organize yourself and your family! iPlaniShare allows for fast access to reoccurring tasks and appointments. Each app includes the ability to share your daily schedule and ToDos. Sharing occurs with anyone you select, who also has downloaded iPlaniShare and Registered. This is a great for Families and Small businesses to schedule group functions such as getting everyone rounded up for a movie night or a company conference no matter where each member is 24/7. When a user joins a event their initials show up next to the event. Saving you time and energy. This Daily Planner and Life Organizer is intuitively designed to make planning simple and enjoyable. The app syncs via your iPhone or iPad with your iCall, Google calendar, Yahoo calendar and Outlook. Setting up the your calendar is really easy. 1. download the app 2. go to the settings 3. select the calendar you would like to be your main syncable account and in a few minutes while the app gathers that information you will be able to enter new information and see past appointments. It is a great app for first time planners or those who need a planner for busy social lives and want to stay on track. It includes all of the major areas that you would like to plan, track and record but in a style that is for daytoday additions. This app is designed to replace your paper planner while utilizing technical features that take advantage of your smart phone technology. clean aesthetic with notes of gentle neutral colors to help segment tasks. iPlaniShare Feature List (more free updates to come folks!!! its a great time to get on board). syncs with your iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Outlook Our app’s free calendar sharing feature with other iPlaniShare users. Free how to videos that explain all the features of the app for easy reference Customize your Calendar Start Time (when you start your day so will the app) Customize Time format (12 or 24 hour) Customize how you want to remove completed ToDos Set up reminders for ToDo items with customizable repetitive reminder alerts for critical dead lines. 13 Different sections to organize your days 1. Daily Calendar/Scheduler 2. ToDos 3. List creator 4. Projects Section to prepare/track for upcoming assignments. 5. Weekly Goals Chart 6. Monthly Goals chart 7. Business ledger to enter credits and debits with running total. 8. Personal ledger to enter daily debits and credits for easy check and credit reconciliation. 9. Exercise chart 10. Weekly Meal Planner chart Helps save money by staying focus on what you need at the store each week. 11. Recipes section add family recipes or favorites and use a a quick reference at the market. 12. Cleaning chart. Great if you need to delegate chores and important home repairs. 13. Our Sharing section which allows you to add people and select which part of your Calendar, ToDos, and lists you would like your connected people to view. How to videos the app to help you get started. For Either iPad or iPhone. Current version does not sync between devices. It runs separately on either device.

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