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musthave Personal Assistant" "Top iPhone App for Busy Women" "...a simple yet ingenious application" "Health Rules for Every Woman Use a tracking app like iPeriod Ultimate" llows smartphone users to fastidiously track their monthly cycles" highly recommend the iPeriod app..." "What's Hot" Now with Touch Celebrating 6 years in top Healthcare and Fitness apps! Let iPeriod® keep track! The most customization with more than 80 symptoms and 28 free themes and colors! iPeriod's beautiful makes it easy for you to view your menstrual cycles at a glance! DISCREET icon name "iP" Track periods, symptoms, notes, moods, weight and more (80+)! Let iPeriod predict periods, ovulation, and fertility (great for trip planning!) Extensive customization (customize symptoms, choose from 26 free skins, 4 calendar styles, choose which icons appear on the calendar) View graphs of your data Receive alerts for when your period is expected! Password protection Export and print your data to take to your doctor appointments Breast exam reminders Community Forums Enter your period for at least two consecutive cycles, and iPeriod® calculates your average duration, cycle length and estimates the dates of your next expected periods, fertile days and ovulation! Each time new data is entered, statistics are updated. OR S The only app that truly graphically displays your data on the calendar... other apps simply place a single symbol to represent all symptoms. The accurate predictions are based on your cycles (not averages) and improve over time The customization adjustable luteal phase, hide symptoms not used by you, manage which icons appear on calendar The personalization 4 calendar styles, 28 skins Customizable icons to better suit your needs Breast exam reminders Searchable note history (including freeform notes, moods and symptoms) Email alerts Do not rely on iPeriod® to prevent pregnancy. Be sure to also check out iPregnant (iPeriod's Pregnancy Tracking Companion)!

Website: http://www.winkpass.com/iperiod.html


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