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Best pp for using Whatsapp on your iPad! simple and practical way to connect to the web version of Whatpp with your iPad is using the app “iPad Messenger for Whatspp”. The free version will always be free but adsupported. Your phone must be connected to the internet for the "Whatspp Messenger is" to work, and in addition, make sure you have the latest version of Whatspp is available for your phone. To connect, open the "Messenger for Whatspp" and you will see a code, simply 'scan' this code using Whatspp on your phone and you will be logged in. You will find this option within Whatspp settings on your phone, at "Whatspp Web" menu. This app is affiliated with Whatsapp Inc. or any of its partners This is an unofficial app. Our team is working hard to implement more features and improvements. Most of the features of the web version of Whatspp are currently supported.

Website: http://internet-rocks.com


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