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Want a simple app without any ongoing payment? nvoiceMaker will assist you to create professional looking invoices on the go. Never waste your precious time by doing unproductive paperwork. This simple app will be perfect for nontechnical, busy professionals. [ Creating invoices in seconds ] nvoice ahead is designed to save your precious time by implementing the following innovative features; Autofilled feature will eliminate the need to enter the same info over and over again. Autocount up feature will automatically allocate an invoice number and payment due date. Autoremember feature will remember your preferences such as titles/subtitles, notes, payment terms, business bank details. Add multiple items all at once. No "Homepage" to navigate. Create an invoice as soon as you open the app. Highly intuitive design (e.g. Less pages to navigate.) [ What about flexibility? ] On top of all of this, this app can offer features to give you greater flexibility such as; Use your preferred wordings by manually editing titles and subtitles (e.g. nvoice > Tax nvoice) Use your currency by manually entering your currency code (e.g. $, £, ... ) Use your preferred prefix for your invoice numbers (e.g. Overwrite tax rate "Tax (10%)" to something like 10%". Decimal hours or quantity supported (e.g. 1.5 hours) Check paid, unpaid invoices in one screen Export data in spreadsheet and send it to your accountant. (No time consuming data entry.) Create custom documents such as Estimates, quotes. [ am professional. Will nvoices look professional? ] We understand that invoices are part of your "brand". t will represent your professional business. This app uses a clean, neat, polished layout with stylish font. There is no 80's looking ugly images to make your business look out of date. You can insert your professional logo instead. Also you can instantly track your sales per day, month, year. Simplify your life now with nvoice ahead



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