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You need to conduct an interview and your iPad is all you have? Interview Assistant Pro is the right solution for you. Interview Assistant Pro ; Professional app to hire staff is currently featured by Apple as hot app in 8 countries in Business category! "Interview Assistant Pro isn’t the first app of its kind, but the ease of use and features put it up there with the best of them. If you find yourself asking questions in an organized manner with any sort of frequency, this app is a should buy." Recruiters, students and everyone in between can have the power to interview anyone like a pro with Interview Assistant! Download this interview aide today and make preparing, conducting, documenting, & reviewing interviews a breeze!‬ ‪Interview Assistant is immensely useful as a professional interviewing aide because while it gives users a perfect platform to structure and prepare interviews, it allows users to organize and design them however they see fit without any restrictions. This flexibility, together with the app’s documentation, reviewing and postinterview rating capabilities, ensures that no matter the interview situation Interview Assistant will have users covered. ‬ ‪The app’s "Careers" also allows users to document the progress of multiple interviews at once, noting when an interview is complete, its date and rating. After an interview is completed, Interview Assistant Pro gives users an option to rate the quality of or their own personal satisfaction with their completed interviews. Busy users are also given the option of logging their interview questions via the app’s "Templates" module to help keep things organized and running fast and smooth. ‬ ‪Interviewing people can be a challenging process, so why not lessen the load? Get a helping hand next time you need to conduct an interview with Interview Assistant Pro today!‬ ‪Interview Assistant Pro Features‬ ‪ Organize interview prompts & profiles. ‪ Create questionbyquestion prompts.‬ ‪ Create profiles for individual interviewees.‬ Use more than 250 preset questions. Dropbox integration. Photo and file attachments. Track relevant profiles in "Careers". Save you time with help of question templates. Multiple voice answers. ‪ Take Text & audio notes during interview. ‬ ‪ Calendar to review and plan interviews.‬ ‪Interview Assistant Pro is developed by



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