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InstantTalk provides an easy way to have voice conversations with another iOS device when traditional cell network is unreliable, undesirable or unavailable altogether. Just open the app on two devices and wait a few seconds for them to get connected. No buttons to press, just turn on and talk! It is a perfect app to use when riding a motorcycle with a passenger. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on dedicated intercom systems when you already have the devices that can talk to each other. InstantTalk was designed from the ground up to require minimum amount of screen based interaction, so your phone can stay in your pocket and your fingers in your gloves. It was tested during multiple daylong rides both around the countryside and in the city, to ensure you get the performance you need Interactionfree connections just open the app and it finds and connects to your buddy with no further taps. Automatic reconnects if one of you decides to venture off for a while and you lose the connection, it will automatically restart once you are back together. No redialing, tapping or choosing required. You can still receive regular phone calls! Your private chat will resume automatically once you hang up. Pure peertopeer connection does not rely on cell signal, internet access or any other third party infrastructure. Play your favourite music while a voice chat is in progress. Works with "play" buttons found on many headsets. Notes While it can work over both wifi and Bluetooth, for truly autonomous peertopeer operation we suggest you use Bluetooth and turn wifi off. InstantTalk will attempt to automatically reestablish any lost connections, such as when devices temporarily move out of each other's range and then come back. Note that if you experience frequent loss of connection you may be reaching the limits of your devices' Bluetooth range or are subject to interference; in such cases, experiment with device placement to improve performance. Note this app is designed as a basic Bluetooth communicator for use with a standard wired headset, such as the one supplied with an iPhone. Use with Bluetooth headsets, or in conjunction with other accessories has not been tested and is not guaranteed.


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