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iGlide the Soaring Navigation Software from Avionics iGlide is a soaring navigation App with advanced functionality that is amazingly easy to use. iGlide supports pilots during competition or recreational flights. iGlide comes in three editions at three pricepoints. Starting with "iGlide lite" and "iGlide advanced" up to "iGlide pro". All apps can be upgraded later on with paying the price difference as an inapppurchase. Features of iGlide lite Simple and easy to use DirectTo function with navigation to one point Highresolution terrain map Final glide calculator with Ballast, Bugs, MacCready and aircraft polars Profile view showing terrain and airpsace on course Vertical airspace overview and airpsace warnings Free airport and airspacedatabase with free updates Additonal data can be purchased as inapppurchase Flightstatistics with logbook Traffic is displayed on map, if appropriate datasource is connected Visual and voice traffic warnings, if appropriate datasource is connected Many display options individually configurable Flightlogging and format) Livetracking on different servers (e.g. livetrack24.com) Trackline on map Import of all common data formats (CUP/DAT/OpenAir/PLR etc.) DropBox integration for logfile and data synchronisation weather data (iPhone only, internet connection required) Additional features in iGlide advanced Routeplanning for free routes over several turnpoints (multiple waypoints) direct flight upload to (www.onlinecontest.org) Rubberband function for easy route manipulation Accurate winddetermination (external GPSSource may be required) Send logfiles via email Additional features in iGlide pro Calculation and display of current distance Extensive route planning with assigned areas and implementation of latest Rules (e.g. finish circle) triangle optimization Display of route statistic data Finalglide calculation over terrain Live and supereasy optimization Climb Optimizer iOS 6.0 or newer Older devices are not supported Please find more information online at www.butterfly.aero/iGlide Order hardware and accessories online at www.butterfly.aero/store

Website: http://www.butterfly.aero


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Screenshot iGlide lite on iPhone Screenshot iGlide lite on iPhone Screenshot iGlide lite on iPhone