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The interactive Grammar of English (iGE) is a comprehensive introductory course in English grammar which takes you from the most basic elements to the most complex constructions. iGE is an authoritative guide to the structure of the English Language specifically designed for mobile devices to meet the needs of busy teachers and students. iGE uses lots of examples of real language taken from the word Corpus, compiled and analysed at and used by linguistics researchers across the world. Our examples of spoken and written English demonstrate that grammatical concepts apply to all uses of the English language, not just socalled 'Good' or 'Correct' English. iGE is written by a team of linguists at University College London (), independently ranked as one of the world's best Universities. The grammar you'll be learning is based on recent research and best practice in the field. Our grammatical analysis has been proven on over a million words of written and spoken English. The iGE course covers the same ground as a first year undergraduate course in Modern English Grammar. But that does not mean it is difficult to follow! We have written iGE to be accessible, with clear explanations, colourful notation and lots of examples. iGE iGE is for everyone with an interest in the grammar of English. The course is is suitable for anyone wishing to learn English or improve their English students studying English language at secondary or high school those studying English as a second or foreign language teachers of the English language undergraduate students of linguistics students of English literature journalists, civil servants and anyone interested in clear, plain English iGE contains comprehensive course in grammar including word classes (nouns, determiners, verbs, etc.), phrases, clauses and sentences, grammatical functions (Subjects, Objects, etc.), and many more topics along the way. Creating iGE was an exercise in miniaturisation. We cover the same range of topics found in a heavy grammar book, typically costing five times the price or more, and squeeze it into your device. We have simplified the presentation to make it easier to read, and exploited the capabilities of the device. complete grammatical glossary a searchable of grammatical terms (see picture below). The interactive Grammar of English is extensively crossreferenced via the glossary. Grammatical terms are highlighted throughout the course with a dashed green underline (see below). Tap on one and you get the definition of the term, links to other related definitions, and a list of pages in the course explaining the term in more depth. Many interactive exercises and quizzes to test yourself. Our exercises use hundreds of real English examples. You can try an exercise again to get new examples. Exercises can be timed, and for a real challenge, played against the clock. Download the free iGE 'Lite' from the pp Store. For more information see www.ucl.ac.uk/englishusage/apps/ige

Website: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/english-usage/apps/ige


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