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iEMF is an Electro Magnetic Field Detector/Simulator for iPhone iPod Touch and iPad. Use iEMF to detect fluctuations in the local magnetic field using the built in magnetometer on the iPhone iPhone /iPod Touch are supported, but limited to Simulation Mode as it has no Magnetometer(Compass) support. All other functionality is the same between devices. Key Features Ability to Zero out the device to easily see relative changes to your environments magnetic field Ambient Mode allows you to cancel out the Earths ambient field, while still being able to utilize the Zero feature Low Pass filter helps smooth out the noisy sensor readings Multiple color schemes to choose from Display readings in Tesla or Gauss, with many scaling and magnification options Simulation Mode simulates sensor values for iPhone users Audio Effect NOTE iPhone S required for Sensor Mode (Compass support) iPhone will only support Simulation Mode iPod Touch will only support Simulation Mode iPhone 4 Tested (Sensor Mode) iPad (Sensor Mode) Now you will have an emf detector with you at all times! With the backlit display, you will never need to hold your flashlight pointed at your emf detector again! Hope you all enjoy this as much as i did making it!

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