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Hurry on sale now before new upgrade! Buy today and save! iDreamer is the fullest featured dreamer app in the iTunes store! IDreamer is enabled with Only iDreamer offers dream interpretations, a dream journal and custom interpretations and bundled into app! iDreamer has thousands of dreams which have been analyzed and interpreted. Unlock the secrets of your subconscious with iDreamer . Use the journal feature and save last night's dream into your personal dream journal. Search for your dream with a keyword or scroll through the encyclopedia of interpretations in order to build your skills of dream analysis. This is an amazing tool of self discovery! Tune into your subconscious with iDreamer today! iDreamer is in the 15 in (Lifestyle) This app is partially based on the seminal work by Gustav Hindeman Miller in "10,000 Dreams Interpreted" and includes recent dream interpretations from contemporary masters of the unconscious.



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