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This app is designed to work specifically with the iDinosaur book. Unleash 4 incredible Augmented Reality dinosaurs with your amazing iDinosaur book and this app, and discover 4 more dinosaurs to unlock with an InApp Purchase. If you’ve got the iDinosaur book, download this Augmented Reality app to bring fearsome dinosaurs springing to life from its pages. Four Free Dinosaurs Set a mighty Tyrannosaurus rex free and let it roam around your home! Hatch a baby Brachiosaurus from a dinosaur egg. Go hunting with a pack of vicious Velociraptors. Send a giant Pteranodon soaring through the air. Tap to release each dinosaur from its crate. Move your mobile device around to get a 360degree view of your dinosaurs. Send your dinosaurs running or flying about with the onscreen joystick control. With just a tap you can make them roar or you can shut them safely back into their crates. Take incredible photos of yourself with your dinosaurs, ready to print or share. You could be feeding a rex or watching a Pteranodon fly around your head! If you want to unlock more dinosaurs you can purchase your favourite using the InApp Purchase Facility available on the main menu under the shopping trolly icon. Dinosaurs available on the Monster Pack Unlock a mighty Triceratops and see it’s deadly horns. Discover the strange horny plates of a Stegosurus as it explores your home. Search the waters for the ocean predator, the Liopleurodon. Watch as a giant Brachiosaurus walks out from the pages of the book! New Extra Pack with four brand new dinosaurs available Walk the giant Diplodocus Look at the fantastic Ankylosaurus right on your desk Unleash the enormous Gigantosaurus Run Plateosaurus on you book! Unbelievable Extinction Pack to unlock all the dinosaurs for a special price! How it works To see the dinosaur animations in action, find one of the yellow Augmented Reality boxes in your iDinosaur book. Then launch the app, point your device’s camera at the book while it is open flat on the floor or a table and watch your dinosaurs spring roaring to life! This app is available to anyone with a compatible iPhone/iTouch/iPad with a camera.


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