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complete multiple dive / multilevel dive planner for the technical diver. Includes support for Open Circuit Diving as well as Closed Circuit Rebreathers Includes decompression stops, gas usage, tracking, tracking, Surface Interval tracking and many other features. Currently implements the Buhlmann with Erik Baker's algorithm. Open Circuit Scuba Supports ir to TriMix (any combination of O2/He/N2), with an unlimited number of decompression gases. Includes Thirds support for planning dives. Closed Circuit (CCR) Supports any O2/He/N2 combination for diluent. utomatically generates bailout plans based on entry of bailout gases. Features a Cave/Wreck bailout option for overhead environment bailouts and gas planning. Gas Fill/Mixer llows for filling of ir, Nitrox and Trimix via a simple, easy to use interface. ll settings are configurable via the iPhone Settings. Supports Imperial and Metric iDeco Pro vs. iDeco Pro has many features and improvements to make dive planning even easier. 1) Fully revamped user experience 2) Settings can now be changed in the app. 3) My Gases llows you to have a list of the 50 most used gases. Works for the dive phase, deco phase and bailout. 4) New runtime display. 5) dded much higher pressure support for mixing. 6) Superior email support You can now view, edit and cc others on your plans. 7) Many, many more small features added. 8) Future support for many more decompression algorithms.



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