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iDaltonizer is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod that helps colorblind people to see the world in a new way! Discover it! Colorblindness ranges from being a minor irritant to a threat to life. But as long as you have an iPhone with iDaltonizer, you need never be colorblind again! Our multipurpose app's most crucial use is to enable colorblind persons enjoy good vision, at last the world is not a grey mass. Now you can distinguish between those troublesome reds and greens. iDaltonizer is customizable, not only to a particular type of colorblindness, but, to each person's unique vision needs! Type, anomaly, and correction are adjustable. Thus, our app can be finetuned with precision. Our featurepacked app, meant to assist with all things sight and vision, includes these great features Protanopia, Deuteranopia, Tritanopia simulation and correction algorithm Colorblindness severity and correction levels customizable Flash photography (if device supports it) Flashlight and torch (if device supports it) Zoom and magnify function, for reading improving For all these reasons iDaltonizer also makes an excellent gift, one that is both useful and informative. 'Daltonize' your eye by buying eyeDaltonizer today!



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