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Technology Never Tasted So Good! This is version 1 of iBrewMaster and will only work on the iPhone / iTouch. Please consider iBrewMaster 2 which is now available as a Universal pp, includes all recipe packs, and has many new features and tools! iBrewMaster is a full functioned application for home brewers to manage the entire brewing process. Not only can you add, edit and manage your own recipes, iBrewMaster comes complete with 50 preinstalled recipes, plus an additional 210 Northern Brewer recipes, as well as hundreds of grains, hops and yeasts from around the world. Plus, you can purchase up to 280 more recipes with inapp purchases instantly giving you 540 recipes at your finger tips! Unlike other programs that simply let you manage a beer recipe, iBrewMaster lets you create a batch of beer from your recipe database, and track its progress every step of the way. Estimated specific original and final gravities, alcohol content, IBU's, color and calories are all automatically calculated! Or, if you prefer, override these values with your own personal calculations and readings. Details and notes as well as actual specific gravities, alcohol content and IBU's are tracked and recorded independently for each recipe as well as each independent batch of beer and stored for later review. The core areas of the program are as follows Schedule all current batch activity in a clean organized format. Quick view reference as to where each batch is in the fermentation process. (Primary, Secondary, Bottle, ging, etc.) Recipes a list of your recipes, with a quick view of any selected recipe. Batches a list of your brewing batches, with a quick view of each batch status. Inventory create a shopping cart and manage your brewing inventory! Purchase direct links to additional recipe packs which you can purchase to help get you started. Suppliers a new area for suppliers to advertise and promote special offers to iBrewMaster users! Share Recipes create a account to upload and share your recipes with other iBrewMaster users from around the world! Setup tons of options to configure and customize iBrewMaster to your preferences! dditional features Notifications If your on iOS 4.x, you'll be notified when your fermentation steps are due! Import / Export Import and export your recipes and batches between devices you own or to share with friends. Email & irPrint support. styles quickly see how your recipe conforms to the official style guidelines in a color coded reference chart. Scale scale recipes and batches by a multiplier, or set the overall desired batch or boil size. Metric set or Metric units for temperature, water volume, grains, and hops. dditions supports several types of additions Finings, Flavor, Fruit, Herb, Spices, and Water gents added to the Mash, Boil, Primary, Secondary, or Bottle! Mash Steps supports all the common mash profiles, or you can create your own! Extremely Customizable dd, edit, delete just about everything in the database including Fermentation Steps, Grains, Hops, Yeasts, dditions, Mash Steps. New Carbonation steps. Timers based on your grain and hop schedule! Grains & djuncts support maximum of 2,204.60 lbs (999.99 kg) per entry. Hops support maximum of 220.44 lbs (99.99 kg) per entry. Support for Refractometers with Brix readings! INMTION ND ND .pdf T www.ibrewmaster.com!

Website: http://www.ibrewmaster.com


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