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Best Pregnancy App finalist at About.com “Brilliantly simple app.” “This very simple app is fantastic. So easy. So informative.” Endorsed by physicians and midwives around the iBirth™ is an ideal guide to greater healthboth mentally and physicallyfrom the day you find out you are pregnant to your baby’s first birthday. The positive and upbeat tone of this app is unparalleled in its use as a 24/7 oncall reference guide, packed with hundreds of useful tips and hours of condensed Childbirth Education material. Receive an inspirational note every day from today’s top experts in pregnancy, birth and baby. Each note is uniquely customized to your precise pregnancy stage or baby’s age. “Loaded with all the latest knowhow on subjects from labor dancing to massage techniques to waiting for an epidural, this classinyour palm is a real bargain, and you can even take it with you into the delivery room!” Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine Be uplifted with fresh thoughts and positive affirmations to ponder each day, spanning all nine months of your pregnancy through your baby's first birthday. Positive thinking is known to improve health, strengthen the immune system, support brain growth and reduce stress. Positive thoughts and daily inspirations have the ability to enhance physical, social and creative skills useful in everyday life. Daily inspirational and informative notes from today’s leading experts Focused around joy and humor (and sanity) Customize to your unique due date or baby’s birth date The value of a contraction timer is found in its simplicity and ease of use. In labor, timing contractions is just one of the many items you'll be attending to. This app is intended to make timing contractions so easy that you won't be distracted from what really matterscaring for mom. Simple and easy to use interface Tracks duration and interval of contractions History report for tracking labor progress over time Editing & Email Capabilities Do you know exactly what foods to eat and how much of each food is required to meet your daily needs while pregnant and postpartum? Take the guesswork out of meal planning with this concise nutrition guide. Make prenatal/postnatal nutrition simple and straightforward. Here’s what you’ll find Detailed description of daily requirements The most nutrientrich foods for each food group Benefits of each nutrient for mom and baby Tips to enhance absorption Sections devoted to those with alternative diets (vegetarian/ dairyfree) For many momstobe, anticipating labor and delivery is one of the scariest parts of pregnancy. With iBirth’s™ Labor Position Videos, you’ll be able to reduce this fear by learning what to expect and what positions may make your birthing experience more comfortable. The outstanding video selection includes View 26 short clips of the best birthing positions Why each position is so helpful How to work with your body for a faster labor Positions that help align baby for easier delivery Practical ways partner can help during labor & Worried that you’ll forget something when the big day comes? With iBirth’s™ Tips & Lists, you’ll learn useful and timely tips to ensure you are prepared. Whether you are planning an unmedicated birth, an epidural, or a CSection, these lists cover everything! Questions to ask your Dr. or Midwife How to best manage a CSection Helpful visualizations Tried and true birth secrets Getting the most out of your epidural Tips for handling a long labor And much more As you journey through two of the most radical years of your life… iBirth™ is with you all the way!

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