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Serious students of the Ching prefer the yarrow stalk oracle, but frequently do not have enough time to carry out the many manipulations of the stalks. Our Ching Planner App is a close simulation of the traditional yarrow stalk oracle, yet takes only a few seconds. One touch on the screen replaces many arrangements of the stalks, while retaining faithfully the mathematical structure and probability of the results. Each touch is the intersection of modern chaos theory and the ancient book. Each cast produces one line, displayed as two hexagrams. Six touches presents the two complete hexagrams, including the changing lines. The seventh touch prints the corresponding Ching reading to the screen, using our own concise translation. n addition, the Ching Planner gives each casting the probability of the line change, and a 'time window' in which to expect the predicted change to wax or wane in potency.

Website: http://www.xaosmagick.com


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