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The Hydraulic Calculator is an awesome tool for anyone who designs or works with hydraulic circuits. This application provides quick and easy calculations for hydraulic components. Detailed calculations can be done for cylinders, pumps, motors, line velocities, line pressure losses and orifice pressure drops. The motor & pump calculator are flexible tools in which the user can enter any three known values to have the remaining values calculated. Values include displacement, oil flow, pressure, rotational speed, torque, and motor power. Both mechanical and volumetric efficiency values are used. Cylinder characteristics can be entered in a number of different ways. Enter hydraulic flow, cylinder velocity, or stroke time and calculate the other two. User can also enter Hydraulic pressure, extend force or retract force and have the other two calculated. One application for this is to measure the stroke time of a cylinder. By entering this with the bore diameter and stroke length, the system flow is calculated. Speed Torque Power page Enter any two values have the third calculated. Unit conversions built into the page. Calculations can be done in either metric or imperial units. Results can be copied to the clipboard in a text format for use in emails, messages, or other documentation. Basic unit conversions are also available.

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