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Whole Country Map,Higher quality! Smart Navigation,Offline and Online,Voice and nimation! Subway Route Planner, Tracker, Travel Guide, Travel Wiki, Hotel Booking… World's favourite offline navigation app ll city offline maps are included Professional navigation engine makes you a good navigation experience and save much time ll city subway(metro) and railway maps are available Tracker helps you find and record your location Hotel search and booking directly With Travel Guide,Travel Wiki,Points of Interest, and Bookmarking! List of Key Features + Offline map with high resolution. + Support both offline and online navigation. + Subway map and subway route planner in big cities of this country. + Tracker can track your moving, running, cycling and other sports + Hotel search and reservation,book a hotel directly. + Voice navigation available in both offline and online navigation mode.It provide most clear route guide for you. + View the route on the table listShow route animation on the map. + Offline navigation guide you to destination with direction,distance,velocity during navigation. + Friendly userinterface, perfectly compatible with iOS 7 style. + Provide offline,nationwide,comprehensive,accurate search service. + Builtin electronic compass can indicate direction. + dopt some advanced technology such as vector map,shortest path algorithm. Continued use of running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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