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Thank you for using HueSPLite from is, (you can refer to support url for demo videos of the apps from is) HueSP is an app interacting with image, Philips hue light and sound/music helping you create your own ambiance with the pictures (not available for this Lite version) and songs from your library. HueSP is also an app focusing to provide qualified hue light interactions with different types of musics/sounds. So, it would be my pleasure if you comment and give me your feedback to help me improve. Thanks in advance! My mailbox is This lite version supports irPlay and provides you 5 modes to interact your hue lights with songs in your music library. Deactive mode; 2 Dynamic recipes White(soprano recipe) and Yellow(default recipe setting, suitable for most types of songs); 2 Discos modes Blue(default disco setting, suitable for most types of songs) and Magenta(fast strong tempo disco)). Try all of them with different types of songs! To start with this lite version, use search button to link Hue system and select lights, press + button to add songs, and cycle button allowing you cycle play your play list. quick Start Guide Video is on youtube (only demoed disco mode) http// Important Tips Your lights should be on when using the app! Living Colors are not supported in recipe modes since they have no recipe modes supported by Philips s a deduction from lite version, in this lite version, hue lights will only be synced when the screen of your ios device is not off (device not hibernated). While as a compensate of this, the lite app will not enter screen saving mode when it is running foreground. (You can still interact with the app when the screen is locked) If you have any problems, please also mail to help me improve! Thanks with my best regards Kiri



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