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4Training Coach provides access to your athletes' data & insights anytime, anywhere. The 4Training Coach platform requires a 4Training account and a subscription that can be purchased inside the app. New to 4Training? 4Training is the only app that can accurately assess your using the phone's camera. 4Training is also the first app that goes beyond simple measurements and provides insights on 1) acute or day to day changes in response to training 2) long term multiparameter trends to look at the big picture 3) correlations between physiological measurements and annotations. All data is processed inside the app in order to provide you with actionable interpretations that can help optimizing your training plan and performance. 4Training Coach ​Main features Receive and synch your athlete's data right after they've taken the morning measurement Monitor daily values and deviations from your athlete's baseline and receive daily advice to make meaningful adjustments to training programs Monitor long term trends to better understand the big picture Custom plots of daily values and moving averages for different physiological parameters rMSSD), training load metrics (intensity, distance) and subjective metrics (sleep quality, fatigue, energy) over configurable timeframes Advanced analytics to analyze acute changes (i.e. physiological responses the day following training) as well as multiparameter trends and correlations between different parameters Monitor your athlete's compliance & consistency Local storage of all your athlete's data to allow for offline access of all information when you are on the go Export all data as csv files Customer support Not a coach? 4Training Coach can be used as a Pro version of 4Training, even for a single user. If you are not a coach but would still like to use the platform to explore your own data, you can simply download the app, login with your 4Training credentials and 4Training Coach will synch all your data.



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