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Everything has its meaning. Even you finding this App, which has been created by a group of people devoted to horoscopes, the law of attraction and the possibilities to live the joyous and fulfilling life you deserve. "My life totally changed when realized how powerful our thoughts are. What you think about, you bring about! One way to get to your inner thoughts is to use horoscope readings to help you find the answers you actually already have within you." Monica Javanainen, spiritual leader and founder of Horoscopes and Dreams Get the answers you are looking for right now! nstall this free App to your iPhone or iPad and use it first thing every morning to get off to a perfect start of the day. Features Daily horoscope Life and relationships Love Work Finances Words of wisdom Lucky number Weekly horoscope Readings and powerful messages for the week Lucky day Lucky charm Personality Birth time and element Strengths Weaknesses Birthstone Ruling planet Lucky colors What turns you on? Your best accessory Anatomy Dream hobby Best jobs Horoscope 2015 Life and relationships Love Work Finances Personal motto

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