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Hong Kong Schedules supports the programs from B, , now , Cable , B Pay Vision, and bb, You can enjoy an overview program on your iPhone or iPod touch, which makes you the best watching experience. Hong Kong Schedules covers over 390 channels in Hong Kong, including popular sport channels, news channels, documentaries, business channels, movie channels, as well as entertainment channels. With Hong Kong Schedules, you can know what is showing on different channels, separate Scheduless are no longer needed. The interface of Hong Kong Schedules is userfriendly, you can have quick access to everything you want. ll functions are clearly labeled and illustrated with eyecatching icons. The design can cater everyone, users can manage the software just by flicking you fingers Favorites You can input the keywords of your favorite shows to the program, through the “keyword filtering” of the whole subscribed Channel, a list of your desired shows will be generated. The list can be saved, it is not necessary to input every time, from now on you would not miss out any of your favorite program. Searching quick and smart search function is also provided by Hong Kong Schedules, just simply entering the keywords and the system will help you to sort out from the entire subscribed channels list. dwords filtering If you are annoyed by the adwords shown in the program names, Hong Kong Schedules can help to filter all the adwords, no more Presents", Special” or other sponsors titles would be displayed. MultiLanguages Hong Kong Schedules provides both Traditional Chinese and English interface, the program names can be shown in bilingual, this function is based on the availability of the broadcast service providers. Technical Support If you have any enquiries, suggestion or bug report, feel free to contact apps@aweapp.com, our technical support team is happy to provide assistance to you.

Website: http://www.aweapp.com/hktvguide


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