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Hohner announces a brand new music app for the iPad The Hohner Chromatic Squeezeox Accordion. Mimicking the layout of Hohner's iconic chromatic button accordions both System (ayan) and CSystem, this intuitive virtual accordion is easy to play and sounds exactly like the real instrument. The Hohner Chromatic Squeezebox has a 52button treble button board and 36 bass/chord buttons. The app supports both Audiobus and InterApp Audio for use with Garageand and other multitrack recording apps. Choose between or CSystem button layout using the layout selector on the edge of the screen. Choose between ass/Major/Minor/7 or Counter ass/Major/Minor configuration for the left side of the instrument. Touch the "?" button to rotate through the different button label displays. Touch the "i" button to show the setting page where you balance the volume of the treble, bass, and chords independently. On the settings page, you may also set the reverb style, individual reverb send levels for the treble, bass, and chords, as well as the overall reverb level. Touch the Hohner logo for the help screen with a link to the Hohner accordion website or touch the Accordion Life logo to start learning with online accordion lessons. The Hohner Chromatic Squeezeox app allows musicians to practice chord combinations, scales, and songs onthego. Headphones can be used for private practice, or the audio output of the virtual accordion can be amplified by plugging into computer speakers, or other sound enhancing devices. This app is ideal for the beginning student or professional musician who needs a simple carryon companion to compliment his or her actual accordion. While not meant to be a replacement for a real accordion, the app is a convenient and easy tool for practicing, learning, or teaching. IMPORTANT Since you may want to play chords and melody with more than 4 fingers on the screen at a time, you must disable "Multitasking Gestures" in the iPad Settings. Run the Settings app, go to "General / Multitasking Gestures" and turn them off.

Website: http://appcordions.com


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