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Hindu Calendar provides an handy, easyaccess version of your traditional printcopy calendar on your iOS device. It provides a looknfeel of traditional calendars that we all have been using for years. Based on Hindu Panchang, it distinctly marks out Thithis for every day, fasting days such as Sankashti, Ekadashi, Shivrathri, and so on. Major Hindu festivals and holidays are prominently displayed on the calendar. The calendar itself is available in four language editions English, Marathi, Gujarathi, and Hindi. The latest updates to the calendar also include day/night Chogadiya, Rahu Kaal, Sunrise/set times, Moon rise/set times, Karan, Nakshatra, and Tamilian Gowri Panhangam for your local region. These are computed accurately using Astronomical algorithms for the longitude / latitude set in your App. The calendar still retains data for 2012 year. The 2013 data up to the current month is available free to you. For example, if the current calendar month is March in year 2013, the calendar for the entire March, 2013 and all earlier months can be viewed free. Subsequently, on April 1st, the calendar for April 2013 becomes free for viewing. However, if you need to look up future months today, then we request you to do an inapp purchase to enable the viewing of the entire 2013 year, obviously up to December 2013. Carry this important calendar in your pocket everyday through your iOS device. NOTE The recent update (6.0) has several additional features which you would like to read in "What's new" Enjoy it!


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