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The HighLow Triangle incorporates concepts from the famous Tex Winter TriplePost offense, commonly known as the Triangle offense; the Flex offense; and the ShuffleCut offense. It provides constant movement, screening and good floor spacing, and offers a variety of options that allow you to take advantage of your talented players. Because the HighLow Triangle is effective against both mantoman defenses and zone defenses, it provides tremendous flexibility with multiple entries and options. Whether you have a great outside shooting team or a dominant inside presence or neither this is a powerful offense at any level of play. Chapters Include Basic Alignment and Movements Continuity Motion Against ManToMan Defense Options Against ManToMan Defense Entries Against ManToMan Defense Post Feed Actions Continuity Motion Against Zone Defenses Options Against Zone Defenses Entries Against Zone Defenses Dead ball Entries Features Oncourt player demonstrations Dynamic Whiteboard diagrams Slow motion footage Multiple camera angles Instructional graphics Approx. 65 Minutes


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