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HideMe Free Proxy is a totally free vpn proxy solution for iOS devices. It supports both iOS 9.0 new Network Extension tunnel provider, and the traditional Sec technology. It acts as a WiFi hotspot shield, connects to proxy server in just one click, and protects your privacy with cutting edge encryption algorithm. Oneclick controller, no signup needed, no settings required. The app will connect your iOS device to the remote server in just one click, and your network traffic will be protected by the most advanced technology called Sec. Once connected, you will get a new public address. For example, you will get a native address when you are connecting to a server in the United States. HideMe runs services in many countries, we have covered most developed countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan. Also, we keep expanding our network in emergent markets China Hong Kong, Singapore, to name a few. Your network activity will be encrypted by the highest standard algorithm so that WiFi hotspot providers have no way to monitoring your traffic once you start on your iOS devices. HideMe is best for people traveling around the world and need access to websites and contents in their own countries. And it is also a great tool for those who want to access websites and contents hosted in foreign countries. Please visit our website for more information. http//www.hideme.io


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