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Hidden Image is a challenging visual photograph game. The objective is to find 5 images within an image under a given time. This game is designed to improved your observation skills and attention to detail. Extra features like Hints and Time Extended are provided to help you beat the clock. Enjoy the beautiful imagery of wild animals while playing Hidden Image. There are a 100 images to explore... Arctic SnowFox Atlantic Walrus Canada Bear In Motion Finland American Alligator Claws Birds Flight Wales Black Headed Gull Uk Blue Tongued Lizard Buffalo Botswana British Otters Caravanner Camels Crab Eating Macaque Indonesia Crabeater Seal Underwater Cows Netherlands Cheetahs Grass Kenya Cheetah Mother Cubs Chameleon India Elephants Kenya Elephants Etosha National Park Elephant Seals Elephants Queen Elizabeth Park Gray Fox Gelada Simien Mountains Fox Norway Emperor Penguins Colony Emperor Penguin Ice Antarctica Grizzly Bear Family Fishing Great White Shark Underwater Hippopotamuses Water Highland Cattle Scotland Hanuman Langurs India King Penguins South Georgia Island Kestrels Socotra Jaguar Yasuni Winter Humpback Whales Macdonald Humpback Whale Calf Underwater Horses Southern Iceland Horse Near Mountains Honeybee Flower Kauai Leopard South Africa Lion Brothers Australia Lion Pride Serengeti Madagascar Day Gecko Monarch Butterflies Mexico Monkeys Macritchie Reservoir Northern Spotted Owl Noisy Night Monkeys Laman Penguins Underwater Pigeons Port Pigs Africa Puffin Skomer Island Puffins Maine Red Fox Mother Pup Redpolls Feeder Alaska Resting Lions Tanzania Rhino Family Kenya Rockhopper Penguins Argentina Rocky Mountain Goat Rooster Brazil Samburu Elephants Seagull Marina Seal Adventure Aquarium Soldier Beetle Sooty Albatross Southern Masked Stellar Sea Lions British Columbia Tiger Chiang Mai Tiger Grass Kaziranga Tigers Watering Hole Winter Timber Wolves Walruses Herd Welsh Pig Exhibit White Lions South Africa Whooper Swans Whooping Crane Hatchling Wildebeests Jumping Kenya Wild Horses Camargue Zebra Foal Botswana Zebra Huddle Kenya Zebras Masai Alligator Babies Texas Artic Wolf Canada Baby Elephant Serengeti Bathing Elephant Bear In Forest Bee Eater Bighorn Sheep Yellowstone Boy Buffaloes India Buffalo Muddy Water Indonesia Cow Shepherd India Damselflies Heart Shape Foxes Pair Goat North India Grasshopper Forest Milkweed Japanese Macaques Nagano Lemon Shark Mangrove Bahamas Lizard Park Cuba Sally Lightfoot Crab Pink Anemonefish Shrimp Polar Bear Whale Bone

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