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"Rediscovery of Reverb" This app provides a beautiful reverb effecting the sound of the real world where you are listening through a microphone and earphones. As you close your eyes, it will change a sound space from living room to cathedral, kitchen to concert hall. It doesn't need to use any special microphone or earphones. Highly recommend Apple earphones with builtin microphone (EarPods) . How to play Put an earphones and start the app. Try to play humming or whistling whatever you want. Then try to listen to a lot of sound around you. That is all. Daily life noise will create a new acoustic space for you. Features The special reverb engine "chiverb". 32bit floating point digital signal processing. 6 factory presets / 3 editable user presets. Background audio support. Requirements iPhone 4+ / iOS 6.1+ Earphones or Headphones Attention This app is not a music player with reverb effect. This app needs microphone and earphones being used at the same time. Please note that audio feedback should be caused if you use them closely each other.

Website: http://audiooo.com/hibiku/


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