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Back before there were cats, there were HedgeHogers... HedgeHogers is a story of courage and friendship in the face of tyrannical oppression, set against the backdrop of Hedge! Help the 3 HedgeHogers, Hedgie, Spikey and Nukie, reclaim their beloved Hedge from the pesky talons of Fintan the eagle owl. HedgeHogers is an incredibly fun yet tricksy mixture of collision physics and timebased puzzles, following 3 unique HedgeHogers through 4 beautiful seasons. Features Over 100 HandCrafted Levels 3 Unique HedgeHogers with Special Powers Elastic Collision Physics in Zero Gravity Full Game with No npp Purchases or Hidden Costs 4 Beautiful Seasons No 3rd Party ds Original Music Lots of Hedge Multiple Ways to Complete Levels Suitable for Left or RightHanded Players Unique Sound Effects Spiky Bits No Push Notifications the HedgeHogers don’t like annoying you pp Store Exclusive Native Graphics for each Device Type for Maximum Quality Player Quotes “My left leg went dead from sitting on the toilet playing HedgeHogers for far too long.” “t's very addictive!” "Graphics are gorgeous.” "Not as easy as it looks!" "n your face Fintan!” "Oh no! Oh yeah! Excellent!” "Doesn't give away golds easily. like it, it keeps me interested.” "Ohhh Hedgie! Love it Hedgie, love it!” “This one messes with your...oh my...! Woooo! Ok, 'm going to have to count this...ok, so 5 seconds...YESSSSS!" "What? t floated away!? Oh you have to be fast, the owl is safe in his house!” little tip on completing levels “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” lbert Einstein (attributed) While HedgeHogers may not increase your metacognitive function, it should hopefully give you a giggle. Warning May improve your ability to visualise angles, play pool and cultivate hedge. Thank you for taking a look at HedgeHogers, hope you enjoy the game and have some laughs along the way, Shane

Website: http://www.hedgehogers.com


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