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HeartStar is the easiest app for monitoring blood pressure. With optional sharing and reminders, Health app support, and custom goals, there's no better way to stay on top of your blood pressure. utomatically record blood pressure from compatible Bluetooth Smart blood pressure meters including Oregon Scientific, HoMedics, Samico, Pyle. Manually enter readings from any blood pressure monitor no Bluetooth required. dd notes to help you remember what you were doing at the time. Note the HeartStar app does not itself measure blood pressure a separate blood pressure monitor is required no app can accurately measure your blood pressure without a blood pressure cuff. Create reminders to help you remember to measure your blood pressure on a regular basis. Set achievable goals tailored to your particular situation Get immediate, personalized feedback on your readings and progress. Collect HeartStar points! When you record a new measurement, you will be rewarded with points based on how that measurement helps you reach your goals. HeartStar points give you a new way to measure your overall progress. steady increase in points means you're consistently recording your blood pressure and making good progress toward your goals. Challenge yourself to reach the next level! and Visualize patterns in your blood pressure history to help you understand your activity patterns. and Sync readings to and from pple's Health app Sync with HealthStar and take your experience to the next level Keep all your measurement data in sync across multiple devices and apps Share your data in realtime with your healthcare provider (must be a HealthStar customer) Restore your data from HealthStar if you ever need a backup Share your history and reports with your family or physician HeartStar makes it easy to communicate your results to the people you want. Plus, download your history so you always have a copy on hand. Import and export measurements Use HeartStar with the whole family it's easy to add new users and switch between users. and Help and customer support built into the app just tap the Info button we're here for you and love hearing from you. Thank you for helping make HeartStar number one!

Website: http://patternhealthtech.com/products/heartstar/


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