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Take and format photos of yourself quickly for a wide array of official and other uses in seconds with Head Shot Pro! Head Shot Pro Photo Cam is currently featured by Apple as Hot App in 4 countries in Entertainment category! Download this imaging utility today and never waste money getting formal photographs of yourself ever again! Head Shot Pro is an immensely userfriendly photo utility firmly geared to be both practical and flexible enough to cater to even the most industrious users. The app uses a simple step by step layout what lets users first choose the virtual outfit layout of their choice and select an appropriate size for it an innovative digital editing function that ensures users will always look their best even if they don’t have a real suit and tie on hand. Afterwards, users simply set the app’s photo timer and take their photo. Once they take their own photo, users can adjust photo size to ensure it blends in seamlessly with their preselected overlapping layer. All that’s left now is to select photo quality and either export it via email or save it directly to the user’s photo library. App Features 1) Use camera to make snapshots 2) Clothes patterns are available for photos. Edit view, size and position 3) Set the timer for making photos 4) Edit final size 5) Photos are saved to application gallery 6) Saved photos can be sent by email or can be saved in Photos folder. 7) Photos can be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter!

Website: http://intersogproducts.com/


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