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HandyFlowy is a complete replacement for the WorkFlowy app on iPhone and iPad. It powers up your editing, navigating and searching in a big way, bringing virtually all of WorkFlowy's featurerich desktop goodness to iOS... and much more! HandyFlowy features a quickaccess, horizontal scrolling toolbar and all of the following to iOS Delete whole lists with one tap Duplicate lists [Pro] Undo is at your fingertips Redo [Pro] Create children lists with a single tap [Pro] Move lists up while in edit mode Move lists down [Pro] Customize Editing Toolbar [Pro] One of HandyFlowy's outstanding attributes is the ability to move around your entire outline and not have your cursor bounce in and out of edit mode. You can also use Lswipe gestures to move the cursor within a list and and up/down between bullets. The quickaccess navigation panel brings Navigate history Back/Forward Zoom out Jump to Previous/Next zoomed list Go to your custom "start" list Quick access to your favorites with the Bookmarks feature Expand/Collapse entire outlines fully or incrementally View Mode eliminates unwanted keyboard popups while scrolling Quickaccess buttons to use WorkFlowy's search operators iscomplete isshared isembedded LastChanged () [Pro] [Pro] Completed [Pro] Search History Saved Search list [Pro] Customize Search Toolbar [Pro] Copy WorkFlowy s to clipboard Saved custom phrases & tags [Pro] Scheme support [Pro] Export text Custom colors for background & toolbars Scripting feature brings JavaScript and customization to the power user! [Pro] Two WorkFlowy tabs with customizable "start" lists View "last changed" and "completed" dates for individual lists [Pro] Sync User Settings to iCloud [Pro] ... and more! [Pro] features require inapp purchase, which also removes ads.


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