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Sailors, scouts, climbers, cavers, fishermen, surgeons unite! This is the app for you a comprehensive guide to all the knots you will need for your on and off time. Handy Knots has access to 17 different categories of knots (including bends, bindings, coils, decorative knots, hitches, lashings, loops, braids, slips, seizing, sennits, splices, stoppers, tricks and whippings) over 160 different knots for you to learn and master (including the basic useful knots bowline, reef knot, sheet bend, double sheet bend, water knot, buntline hitch, timber hitch, rolling hitch, tautline hitch, trucker's hitch, constrictor knot, alpine butterfly knot, prussic, figureofeight knot, spanish bowline, midshipman's hitch and monkey's fist) clear and graphic instructions on how to tie knots Features All articles are optimized for learning and viewing on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Reduced horizontal scrolling. Quickly jump to any section in a reading. Inpage search. Customize font size and line height. Shake or click to view a randomly selected reading. Predownload articles for subsequent viewing when you don't have an Internet connection. Instant search for topic and articles selection. Auto save articles that you are viewing. Save articles, including images, for viewing offline (no Internet connection required). Easy saved articles management. Create folders to organize saved articles, and move saved articles to different folders. Instant search for saved articles. Annotate articles with your own notes and comments. iOS4 compatible High resolution images for iPhone 4's Retina display. Multitasking.

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