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Let us guide you through the Ephesus Museum Excavation, and enrich your visit to the excavation site. This guide covers 33 of the most important excavated structures in the ruins of Ephesus. It offers a full description of every excavated building including models or sketches of how the buildings used to look in their past glory. Markings on the map shows where the structures are placed, and where your are accordingly to them. Using (text to speak) your smartphone will act as an audioguide and will read the texts out to you loud, as you visit the different buildings. The voice used, is the default speaker voice, which is already installed on your device. ll you need to do is to press “Play” at the bottom of a selected text, and the chosen text will be read out to you. You can either use our predefined tour of the highlights of the area, or you can plan your own tour through the excavation site. Simply use the Tour Planner features to select the buildings you would like to see and then follow you own route through Ephesus. The Ephesus app does not need for your device to be online in order to run Once the app is downloaded and installed on your device, you can go offline and still use the guide without any data transfer. The Ephesus app will ask for your position However the data will not be stored in the app, or in anyway shared with external parties. The app will work without the turned on, but then it will not show your position on the maps. The app has no “addons” or "in app purchases", so all the features will be yours without extra fees. The app is ongoing being updated and new features released. Let us show you Ephesus, as it used to be… Features included in the app Description and history of 33 of the buildings in Ephesus. Pictures of the excavated buildings and models of how they used to look. udioguide using (text to speech). Tour planner to create your own unique route through the excavation site. Predefined “suggested” tour guiding you to the highlights. Markings of the buildings on a powered map. description of the history of the entire Excavation site. 33 of buildings in Ephesus are covered in the app Magnesia Gate East ("Girls") Gymnasium Varius Bath Odeum Prytaneion Market Basilica State gora Memmius Monument Curetes Street Pollio Fountain Temple of Domitian Fountain of Trajan Baths of Scholastica Temple of Hadrian Public toilets (latrine) Terrace houses Octagon tomb Brothel Library of Celsus The Gate of Mazeus and Mythridates Temple of Serapis Marble Street Commercial gora Great Theater rkadiane (Harbour Street) Theater Gymnasium The rtificial Harbour Harbour Gymnasium Harbour Thermal Baths Councils Church (Double Church of the Virgin) Stadium Vedius Gymnasium Tomb of St. Luke



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