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An amazingly handy tool for your business or personal life, Calc enables you to calculate Goods and Service Tax instantly. Input either the exclusive price, , or inclusive price. The other two are calculated automatically. Furthermore, you can calculate additional tax such as in Canada. Change the settings so that is taxed on one of the following… 1 and are independently taxed on subtotal. 2 is applied to both subtotal and . 3 is applied to both subtotal and . But wait, there's more!!! Input a password (in default, type "1234"), and Calc becomes an app that stores your private photos, videos, and more. Perhaps you have secret photos of your pet you don't want anyone to see, or notes and folders you want to keep secret? They can all be saved it in this app. Calc's icon and name does not cause suspicion, like for example "Secret Photo", so if your friend accidentally finds this app installed on your iPhone they won't be tempted to open it. Even when your device is connected to PC/Mac, your secret data is invisible. With Calc you can Import photos and movies from "Photos" app Import photos and movies from another app that has exporting feature. Take photos and movies directly in the app Import from Dropbox. Record directly in the app. Keep notes in the app. Organize with folders. Searchable by filename. Export photos to Twitter, Evernote, Picasa, and Dropbox. Synchronization with Dropbox. Universal app. It works on both iPhone and iPad. Your secrets will remain your secrets.



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