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The Grow Planner for iPad from Mother Earth News is a revolutionary, multifunctional garden planning tool for vegetables, fruits and herbs. It makes gardening easier by turning your iPad into digital graph paper on which you can sketch out your garden plansplans you can take right out in the garden with you. When you plan a garden with the Grow Planner, you specify the dimensions of your gardening area and can then draw multiple beds or other gardening elements in your layout. Next, you add what you want to grow to your plan, choosing from more than 140 crops and plants, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and cover crops. Every crop in the Grow Planner includes a detailed Grow Guide with information on the sun and soil requirements of the crop, sowing advice, frost tolerance and more. When you add a crop, the app automatically spaces the plants and calculates how many you can fit into the area you specify. The Grow Planner is flexible, too, enabling you to add plants in traditional rows, blocks, raised beds or using the squarefoot gardening method. As you plan your garden, the Grow Planner uses your code and data from nearly 5,000 weather stations across the United States and Canada to calculate recommended planting times. For every plan you create, the app generates a planting schedule for you, showing the window of time for every crop in which you can sow seeds indoors, sow seeds outdoors and plant out transplants. Link your Grow Planner to an online account and you can even receive planting reminders based on the crops in your plans delivered by email twice a month. With the Grow Planner app, you can browse catalogs from several major seed suppliers, add your own varieties, and even customize the spacing and planting dates for each crop. The app also provides bonus gardening content from Mother Earth News magazine, including information on garden pest control, maximizing your harvest, designing your garden with permanent beds and paths, controlling weeds, and more. The Grow Planner app is based on the awardwinning Vegetable Garden Planner software, and if you already have a Vegetable Garden Planner account, your plans will be synchronized between it and the Grow Planner. You can create more than one garden plan using the Grow Planner, and then just scroll through your plans and edit or add notes to any plan at any time. Save plans from year to year to help with crop rotation (the Grow Planner will alert you if you violate standard croprotation practices) and to keep your notes handy about what worked well in your garden. just downloaded your garden planning app and it is the absolutely coolest app I've ever seen. All by itself it makes owning an iPad worth it! Thank you for such an awesome program! No more graph paper and rulers for me!" one of our customers.



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