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MLive has created an app that turns your iPad into a complete karaoke station, capable of playing (by connecting an iPad compatible external sound module) files with text, with text, and the popular format +G. With Grinta Karaoke your iPad becomes a constant companion for both professional performances and pleasant moments of leisure with family and friends. Grinta Karaoke has 5 main sections Follow the text of the song that is playing, shown in full screen and highlighted in time with the music. View the list of imported songs and create custom playlists. Edit and fine tune all the parameters of each track of the files (Instrument, Velocity, Transpose, Reverb, Chorus, and more). Set the levels of the tracks of the files in realtime, remixing your favorite songs to your liking. Show the chords of the song in 4 different modes Piano, Guitar, Text and Live Keys. Each section can be switched to full screen or half screen, thus leaving space for the text of the song you are playing. And the backing tracks? You can import from your personal library all the backing tracks you want, Grinta Karaoke is able to play , and +G files from your computer. So if you have an archive of backing tracks resident on your computer you can sync Grinta Karaoke via iTunes and the entire repertoire will be transferred from the computer to your iPad. NOTE To play files, iPad must be connected to an iPad compatible external sound module via the Camera Connection Kit and a cable. and +G files can be both played directly from iPad or using a compatible external sound module.



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